Taste of Kefalonia Food Experience at Sea Rock ως

Nikos, the owner of Sea rock ως, on the beautiful coast of Agia Efimia, invites you to take part in our Taste Kefalonia Food Experience!

Experience Kefalonia with all your senses!

Kefalonian cuisine is special, influenced by French and Italians and, of course, from other parts of Greece. If you add to that a variety of high quality, special local products such as cheese, olive oil, meat, vegetables, nuts, fruit, herbs and wine, it results in a unique combination of flavors and tastes.

Kefalonia by Anna organises this fabulous experience and welcomes you to experience Kefalonia through tasting its traditional and modern food! Held outdoors, in a beautiful sea-side garden, we bring the tastes of Kefalonia to you!

Explore with us as we taste, smell and identify a variety of high quality special local products such as cheese, olive oil, meat, vegetables, nuts, fruit, herbs and wine, as we taste our way around Kefalonia. Learn about local food habits as we serve you a selection of traditional and modern meze dishes prepared with local products whilst we talk you through the ingredients and preparation.

Our local cooks will show you the secrets of preparing authentic Kefalonian dishes and if you want to participate you can! Take home recipes and tips from our cooks on how to combine and create the dishes to prepare a meze when you get home. The Taste Kefalonia Food Experience is a relaxed, fun and informative way to experience local food culture.

Learn tips and tricks from a traditional Kefalonian kitchen and savour the tastes of special products found only our bountiful island.  Come and join us for a relaxed and fun time, and experience something different on your holiday!  We invite you to take part in a special outdoor culinary experience with amazing sea views.

Enjoy the experience in an ideal, relaxing, outdoor, natural environment of Sea Rock ως highly rated restaurant with amazing sea views at the heart of Kefalonia island.

Food experiences last for about 2 hours What’s included:

  • Sample of coffee, teas, local spirits and wine
  • Sample of local products and meze dishes
  • Information pack with local recipes to take home

We need a minimum of 6 people in each group to run the experience. Children 12 years old and over welcome! Smaller children can be considered on request. Not suitable for vegans. For more information contact us, or call into the restaurant.

*A small sample of local spirit and wine with lunch is included. Extra alcoholic drinks can be purchased.