Cooking Lessons at Sea Rock ως


Nikos, the owner of Sea rock ως, on the beautiful coast of Agia Efimia, invites you to take part in our new cooking lessons!

Experience Kefalonia with all your senses!

Kefalonian cuisine is special, influenced by French and Italians and of course from other parts of Greece. If you add to that a variety of high quality, special local products like cheese, olive oil, meat, vegetables, nuts, fruit, herbs and wine, it results a unique combination of flavors and tastes.

Every lesson hides different surprises, depending on the season, the available fresh products and the spirits of our chef and co cookers! Put your hands into the dough to make a pie, cut herbs and vegetables from our garden, smell and taste while you prepare, enjoy breathtaking sea views, try the finest local spirits and taste your efforts having fun with your fellow food lovers.

You put your aprons on at 10.30 and the lesson lasts for about 3h-3.30h depending on the recipes and the feasting time!

Available every Thursday or upon request all summer season.

A minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 people in each group.

Follow our experienced and passionate chef to the preparation process of a full 3 course meal consisting of starters, a main course and a desert, all inspired by Greek traditional recipes.

While cooking you will have the chance to get secret cooking tips, get answers to your questions, learn about local products and production procedures, hear interesting local stories and eventually enjoy your feast with your fellow food lovers and our friendly staff.

Try local wines, tsipouro or liquor and get familiarized with some of the ingredients by cutting them yourselves from our beautiful garden.

Enjoy the experience in an ideal, relaxing, outdoor, natural environment of Sea Rock ως highly rated restaurant with amazing sea views at the heart of Kefalonia island.